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Mahabalipuram, India

Mahabalipuram is a town located in the south of India, on coast of the Indian Sea. It is located in the state of Tamil Nadu. It has about 12 000 inhabitants. The city is known for its cultural - historical monuments that were placed in 1984 on the UNESCO - World Heritage List .
Historical city of Mahabalipuram is situated on the on coast of the Indian Sea, in the state of Tamil Nadu. From the seventh to the tenth century here was in important port which was founded by Pallava rulers of dinasije. The city is crowned as the second capital of the dynasty. Most of the monuments was built during their reign. The old name of the city was Mamallapuram, and what has changed in Mahabalipuram during the reign of King Narsimha Varman I. It is an interesting story about the origin of the town name. It says that King Nars named "Mamalla", which means "great wrestler". Pallava dynasty ruled Mahabalipuramom from the third to the ninth century, and during that time here was born a number of poets and saints. The period from 650 to 750 is considered the most glorious year of the reign of this dynasty, because right then, those were the most powerful rulers. After that, Mahabalipuram has fallen into oblivion, and in 1827, it was restored by the British. They laid the foundations of the modern city. Mahabalipuram today is a place of extraordinary cultural - historical significance of the heritage of India. The monuments in the city are a prime example of architecture, and is really worth visiting them.
Arjuna's Penance is a famous stone sculpture which shows story of an Indian legend. Is carved on the back side of wall in the shape of a whale. The sculpture is nine meters high and 27 meters long. Arjuna is a great hero of the epic Mahabharata, and the name of the sculpture comes from his story. At sculptures are carved numerous gods and demigods, as well as animals and humans. Talent that is needed to create such a masterpiece really deserves all respect. The characters have an amazing shape, realistic and humorous at the same time.
Tiger's Cave is located near the coastal village of Salurankuppam, just 5 kilometers north of the town of Mahabalipuram. This amazing mandapa contains a temple dedicated to the goddess Durga. In front of the cave are large and impressive figures. Like most of the carvings in India, carvings and figures in this cave tell the story. This story has to do with the events that happened to the goddess Durga. Tiger's Caves is a popular place for picnics maintenance, so that there can spend all day in complete relaxation. Attractions of the cave and the beauty of the landscape will indeed make the perfect visit
Crocodile Bank is located at 14 kilometers from Mahabalipuram. Founded by herpetologist Romulus Whitaker in 1976. In the Crocodile Bank is located several species of Indian and African alligators and crocodiles. They are placed in outdoor pools that look like their natural habitat. In the center for the preservation of crocodiles being produced an antidote for snake bites. Crocodile Bank is an extremely popular tourist destination, where visitors can educate themselves and enjoy these extraordinary creatures.
Five Rathas rear view.psd color
Five Ratha's, known as the Panch Rathas, is set of stone temples. They are a great example of the evolution of Dravidian style of architecture. The temples were built in the same form as pagodas, and greatly resemble Buddhist temples and monasteries. They are associated with great epic Mahabharata. The first ratha, which is located to the right of the entrance gate is Draupadi's Ratha. It is in the form of huts and dedicated to the goddess Durga. Then comes the Arjuna's Rath. He has small steps and is dedicated to the god Shiva. Inside the temples there is no carvings, but therefore outside there are many. Nearby is the Nakula - Sahadev Rath. This temple has a large sculptures of elephants, and is dedicated to god Indra. Bhima Rath is a huge, 12 meters long, 7 meters wide and about 7, 5 meters high. The pillars temples contains carvings of a lion, a ratha as a unit is not finished. The largest of the five temples is Dharamraj Yudhistar's Rath, who is also dedicated to the god Shiva.
Shore Temple - Tradition says that there was a seven temples along the coast. Today there's only one, Shore Temple. It was built in the seventh century by artisan Rajasimha under the reign of Narasimha Varman II. This is one of the oldest temples in India built in the Dravidian style. Because it was placed on UNESCO - World Heritage List , its popularity is growing. Throughout the temple there are numerous carvings. The whole building is composed of three separate buildings. The two temples are facing east and west, dedicated to are god Shiva, and the third is dedicated to the god Vishnu.
Kovalam was once a small fishing village 15 kilometers away from Mahabalipuram. Today, the fishing village is still there, but it was expanded and became one of the most popular resorts in India. A large number of very beautiful beaches are in Kovalamu. Visitors can also enjoy researching the old harbor, a special attraction are Olive Ridley turtles , which every year here lay their eggs.
Sadras is beautiful resort located in the incredible landscape setting. Here are dazzling white beaches, breathtaking, it is not surprising that Sadras is visited by large number of tourists from all over the world. Resort is located at 13 kilometers from Mahabalipuram. Here are the remains of an old Dutch fort and the Dutch cemetery with beautifully carved tombstones.
Mamallapuram Dance Festival
Open Air Dance Festival is an annual festival which lasts for four weeks. Beautiful background gives an amazing charm to the dancers who perform traditional dances like Bharat Natyam, Kathak, Odissi, and others. Open-air stage is used more than thirteen centuries. Today, the festival participate the best folk dancers from all over India. This event is very popular, and brings up a large number of visitors,as from India as well as from all over the world.
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Shopping is an essential part of Mahabalipuram. Vendors are offering handmade items made ​​of granite, wood, shells, and other materials. The items are very nicely decorated with carvings of various shapes. Visitors come from all over the world simply because so they can buy some of these unique souvenirs. Mahabalipuram offers much more. This place largely deviates from the traditional and conservative India. This is a great place for unforgettable enjoyment in culture and tradition, beaches and unusual atmosphere. Mahabalipuram is a destination for the trip of your dreams.

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