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Olinda, Brazil

it-olinda-tour-brasile-cultura-natura-dalla-coloniale-olinda-alle-spiagge-piu-belle-di-fernando-de-noronha-34fd5recife-1Olinda is a city in the northeastern Brazilian state of Pernambuco. City covers an area of 43, 55 square kilometers, and has a population of about 400 000 citizens.

This is a city with a colonial spirit, which is why it`s on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1982. Olinda has a long history. It was founded back in 1535 by the Portuguese, while the French were first occupied this area. Long did last the struggle of this city for the joining Brazil. Part of Brazil Olinda, as well as the state of Pernambuco, became in 1891. Today Olinda is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Brazil, with a variety of options for the perfect holiday.

Convento de São Francisco is a monastery complex with several religious buildings, which together form a remarkable series of cultural legacy from ancient times. They have a form that can be seen in Portugal, Italy and Spain, and represent exceptional value of this city.

Mosteiro de São Bento (Monastery of São Bento) is from the late sixteenth century, and over time has suffered a number of changes. In the monastery is located sculpted altar, a masterpiece of Brazilian Baroque.

Igreja da Sé (the Church of São Salvador do Mundo) was the first church built in Brazil. It was built in 1540, and during the seventeenth century it was owned by the Lutheran Church.

Rua do Amparo is where it is happening cultural and nightlife of Olinda. There are numerous restaurants, bars, art galleries. There is a house at number 91, whose former owner, Sr. Cardoso, invented pau de indio, a drink that is a symbol of the famous carnival in Olinda.

Carnival - after Rio, in Olinda is held the second most famous carnival in Brazil. Characterized by different music, especially popular influence of African rhythms and dances. Entrance to the carnival in Olinda is free, unlike Rio and Salvador, where it must be paid.

In the near of Olinda are popular beaches Pau Amarelo and Maria Farinha. Here is organized water skiing, surfing, and numerous water sports. Besides these two, there are also beaches Carmo, Bairro Novo, Rio Doce, and a few others.
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The entire city of Olinda has numerous cultural - historical monuments that are located all over. Therefore, this is an ideal place to visit and enjoy. Here you can create great memories in a unique environment, in a rare world-historical phenomenon.

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