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Saint Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg is a city in the northwest of the Russian Federation, and is the administrative center of the Northwestern Federal District. With its 5 000 000 citizens, it was second largest city in Russia. It is also the second most important cultural, economic and scientific center of the country. The city lies on the delta of the Neva River and the many islands of the delta.
St. Petreburg is one of the most significant cities in Russian history. It was founded in 1703 by Russian Tsar Peter the Great, after whom it was named. It was built on the model of Venice, with it Peter wanted to show the richness of his empire. St. Petersburg was the capital of Russia for over 200 years, and today it is a modern city with many tourist attractions that attract visitors from all over the world.
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 Bridges in St. Petersburg reminds us of Venice. They can be found on every few hundred meters. In the city center there are over six hundred, and they are masterpieces of architecture.
Orthodox churches in St. Petersburg are among the most beautiful in the whole of Russia. Built with the aim to show the the splendor to of the Russian Empire, and their constructors were the best architects of their time. Some of the churches are the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, Cathedral of Prince Vladimir, Cathedral of the Holy Trinity and many others.
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Hermitage Museum is one of the most beautiful, largest and oldest art galleries in human history. Large art collection housed in six buildings, the main building is the former Winter Palace, the residence of the Russian tsars. The museum houses a collection of over three million exhibits, some of which are among the masterpieces of world importance.
Peter and Paul Fortress was built back in 1703, and in it were buried all Russian emperors, starting from Peter I to Nicholas II.
State Russian Museum was built in 1895, and this is the largest museum in the world where are collections of Russian sculpture, graphics, decorative and folk art. Here is over 390 000 exhibits.
 Bronze Horseman is one of the symbols of St. Petersburg. This is a monument depicting Emperor Peter I. It was built at the request of the Empress Ekatarine II.
 Summer Garden is one of the most beautiful places in St. Petersburg. Its construction began in the early eighteenth century. Here was located the summer castle, in which Peter I showed the splendor to many statesmen who came to him for a visit.
 Cruiser Aurora is one of the most famous ships in Russian naval history. It was used from the Russian - Japanese War in 1905, until 1956, when it was finally converted into a museum. Until today Aurora was visited by around 30 000 000 tourists.

In St. Petersburg are other major tourist attractions. It can be said that the whole city was built with the aim to be an attraction for all visitors. Its goal is to encourage everyone to admire, and the trend of this city remains from Peter the Great until today.

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